Advantages of being a SORK Member

SORK acts as a link, channeling information concerning the interests of Radiographers, news, events and updates among others, to and from members internationally. With the different projects and programs that SORK has adopted, locally and internationally, there are great learning opportunities for members, who are willing to take up such opportunities.

SORK provides the perfect grounds for Radiographers locally and internationally in terms of strengthening relationships, as well as Radiography as a profession. The SORK members are able to participate in committees, workshops, seminars and conferences among others, where you are able to showcase ideas that you think need to be brought to the attention of Radiographers globally.

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Specialties within Radiography

Radiographers can specialize in various disciplines within the practice notably: - CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Ultrasound, Interventional Radiography, Radiotherapy and oncology and Medical Education. However, the profession of radiography has traditionally embraced two distinct disciplines; Therapeutic and Diagnostic Radiography.

  • Therapeutic Radiographers

    are responsible for providing safe and accurate high-energy radiation treatments to patients with cancer and for patients with physical and psychological well being prior to, during and following radiotherapy.

  • Diagnostic Radiographers

    are responsible for providing safe and accurate imaging examinations in a wide range of clinical environments, using a variety of imaging modalities and techniques so that appropriate management and treatment of patients can proceed. To practice Radiography in Kenya, a Radiographer must have registered with SORK, aside from having obtained a license from the Radiography Protection Board of Kenya.

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How to become a Member of SORK

To be a member of SORK, you need to:

  • Have completed a Radiography Course at an accredited and recognized College Internationally.
  • Be a continuing student, studying radiography.
  • Be a corporate or an individual interested in the activities of Radiographers.

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