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The National Secretariat

The National Secretariat of SORK is situated at Kenyatta Market, Golf Course Commercial Centre building, Second Floor room 2.9 in Nairobi. Therein is a Resource Centre where there are numerous reading materials as well as computers with internet connection. These equipments are basically for research and study purposes. On-going students as well as other members of SORK find this centre useful for their thesis and research purposes throughout their learning years.

The Council

The Council consists of a maximum of eight members. These members are elected by the SORK Membership and are expected to serve for three years, after which another election is held. The Council is headed by a President who has under him, the 1st and 2nd Vice President, the Treasurer, the Honorary Secretary and a maximum of three and a minimum of two other additional members. The management and policy formulation of SORK is vested in the Council. The decisions and propositions of the Council are ratified by the Consultative forum and are binding to all SORK members. The Council collaborates with the Standing Committees to aid in the running of the Society.

Consultative Forum

The Consultative Forum (CF) is the National Governing Council of the Society. It consists of the Council, Branch Chairpersons, Regional representatives where there are no established branches, ex Official Members, Chief Radiographer Ministry of Health or appointee, Chief Radiographer(s) for Teaching Hospitals in the country or their representatives, the Director of public radiography training, and any other members in the industry on an invitation by the Council.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of only three members. These are; the President, the Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary. They make decisions on urgent matters which may not wait until a Council meeting is convened. The decisions made are effected immediately, but are ratified in the next Council meeting.

SORK Members

These are Radiographers or Interested Individuals who have registered with SORK and are of good standing with the Society. They own the Society and it is they who can dissolve it.

The SORK Secretariat

The National Secretariat is headed by the Office Administrator. This team ensures the smooth every day running of the Society, as well as assisting members of SORK. They are directly supervised by the Honorary Secretary, who also gives them guidance on the tasks that they are to perform.

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